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Getting Started

You just received your Cyboard - congratulations on your investment in your comfort and productivity!  Let's get you set up.

In the Box

  • Your Cyboard

  • 2x USB Type C to Type C cable (silicone, 1.5 meters)

  • USB Type C to USB A converter

  • 2-in-1 keycap and switch changing tool

  • extra rubber feet

  • Re-sealable bag to store your extras

  • QR-Code link back to this guide

  • Sticker!


Plug it in

Connect the two halves with a USB-C cable, and connect the left side to your device.

[Note: The right USB C port has a rubber plug in it.  This is there as a reminder of which half is central - the half connected to your device. Feel free to switch which half is your central, but your Vial layout will be stored on the half that was central when you made the changes, so you'll want to pick a side and stick to it.  More on this later.]

Install Switches

[skip this section if your Cyboard has switches pre-installed]

Your Cyboard is compatible with MX-style switches (both 3- and 5-pin varieties).  Other switches (Alps, Choc, etc.) won't fit.

  1. Check that the metal pins are straight.  If they are bent, gently straighten them with tweezers (they can be sharp!)

  2. Position the switch over the socket and press it into place.

[Pro Tip: to ensure that the pins are aligned prior to snapping the switch into place, you can press the stem to check if a keypress is registered.  On RGB models, the reactive animation will light up if the pins are correctly aligned.  On non-RGB models, you can use a keyboard tester web app to hear an audible click from your device.  See the video, where both methods are being used simultaneously]

Your Layout

Familiarize yourself with your layout in the Vial App, and make any initial changes to it.  These changes will be instantly stored in your Cyboard (in the central half) and will stay active among devices as long as you use the same central.  Once you're satisfied with your layout, keep Vial open for the next step (it'll help to have a map to add your keycaps!)

Add Keycaps

[skip this section if your Cyboard has keycaps pre-installed]

Firmly press your keycaps onto the switches and you're all set!

We can't guarantee that all 3rd-party keycap sets will be compatible, but here's an overview.

Keycap Compatibility

Compatible with most standard MX keycap profiles.  Some that definitely work are:

DSA - MT3 - SA - XDA - MA

Start Typing!

Work on learning your new layout on a typing practice app like MonkeyType, or just hop in to using it for everything.  It will take some getting used to if you're coming from traditional row-staggered keyboards, but stick with it and your body will thank you!

We hope you love your new Cyboard!  If you have any questions or just want to show it off, hop in our Discord or send us an email at

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