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The world's first made-to-measure ergonomic keyboard

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Split Halves

Experience the ergonomic advantage of a two-part keyboard that adapts to your body, eliminating the need to hunch over a traditional typewriter-style layout. The dual halves can be positioned at shoulder width, promoting a natural and comfortable typing posture. Allow your keyboard to conform to you, rather than forcing yourself to adapt to it.

Contoured + Columnar

Ditch the traditional row-staggered layout and reduce lateral motion by aligning the keys to your fingers' natural movement.  By curving the keyboard, even the most distant keys are right at your fingertips.

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Made to Measure

For the ultimate in personalized comfort, we custom-fit your Imprint to your hands using our advanced fitting algorithm.


Mechanical keyboard switches provide a superior typing experience compared to conventional rubber dome switches. They offer faster response times, increased durability, and satisfying tactile feedback. With a variety of switch types to suit individual preferences, mechanical keyboards cater to different typing styles, enhancing accuracy and comfort.

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Powerful Customization

Effortlessly personalize your Cyboard by utilizing Vial layout editor, including seamless key remapping, macros, vibrant RGB animations, and more with zero coding.  Need even more power? Each Cyboard is running on open-source QMK firmware, so you can code your own custom behavior from the ground up.


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