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Each Cyboard Custom Dactyl Manform is made-to-order, and currently ships within 5 weeks.


  • Plug-and-play: your Dactyl is ready to use right out of the box.
  • Hot-Swappable:  easily change switches with no soldering (compatible with MX switches).
  • Customizable:  instantly change your layout in the Vial app.
  • Bright: optional per-key RGB lighting.
  • Sleek: Available in several great materials.  Learn more about our materials.


Notes for purchasing without switches and/or keycaps:

  • Only MX switches (both 3 and 5 pin) are compatible.  No Choc, Alps, or other switch types are supported.
  • If you are supplying your own switches and purchased per-key RGB lighting, make sure you get switches that will allow the light to shine through.  Many vendors offer "RGB" versions of their switches that accomodate this.
  • The board is designed to work with uniprofile keycaps such as the provided DSA keycaps.  Many other keycap profiles will work, but we can't guarantee that all 3rd party keycap sets will be compatible.

Custom Dactyl Manuform

PriceFrom $275.00
Case Material
  • Check out the models in a 360 3D view.



    Letters + Numbers

    + Function


    Single Arc 3D Viewer 3D Viewer 3D Viewer
    Dual Arcs 3D Viewer 3D Viewer 3D Viewer
    Original DM 3D Viewer 3D Viewer 3D Viewer


    • click and drag to rotate
    • scroll to zoom
    • center click and drag to move
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